Iconica Social Club Northampton, MA



Iconica Social Club is a coffee hub, baker’s dream and curious minds favorite place to explore and enjoy. Owners Will and Ximena share an unconventional beginning to taking over ownership of Iconica. 

About halfway through 2020 Will and Ximena met with the previous owners of Iconica and were mentored into the proud new owners. Will and Ximena both studied physical art as mimes in Paris where they decided to move to Northampton. With the passion of being both creatives, Will and Ximena have crafted the most special business.



Not only does Iconica provide exceptional coffee (imported from San Francisco) but offers hand-made baked goods, international dinners and when the weather permits live music.

Being a business of only two people, Iconica Social Club steps out in individuality and innovation. So if you can find them, come in and have a seat and play some board games with a delicious honey cardamom latte.  

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